Royce & Mim Engaged

This is the absolute first time that I have ever photographed a couple from a boat ... a second adventure must be had!! See you kiddies in March!

Street: Sydney

A few faces from Sydney city: Broadway Road, Glebe, Camperdown & Macdonaldtown.

Ben & Hannah's Wedding

Ah Tasmania.

Ben and Hannah were married in January the day after a huge storm that blew their marquee roughly in half. I have never seen a couple more relaxed with such a distateful situation, and their positivity paid off. The morning of their wedding produced stunning sun, and the evening even moreso - one of the most amazing golden hours I've ever had the pleasure of shooting! Thanks to everyone who made their wedding day a blast. I can't wait to reuinite with this pair for Han's "trash the dress" session ;)


A Poor-Man's Guide to Tasmania

After coming home from what was possibly the coldest honeymoon on the planet, I dove straight into weddings that need serious attention, due to very limited time to get them back to my brides. As a result, I have yet to reminisce over our time there, and all I have had to look at is this sad little handful of photos on my laptop that I edited between stops, on car trips and when we got cold enough to stay at B&B's with WiFi.

Tasmania was perfect for us because we're sad, small and poor. The landscapes were unlike anything I've seen in Australia, and it was pretty spectacular for such a budget-friendly place.

So for all you who are yet to see it, here are a few of the pictures taken on parts of our trip that cost nothing. They're not much, and not even very subject-specific, but they're enough to allow me to briefly revist the wonderful world of holidays.

I love Tasmania, it's official.

The Fat Quoll Woodfire

Blake + Clare - Preview

One of my favourite weddings of the season so far! Blake and Clare, ft. the real star of the show - their daughter Molly, who spent the better part of the day singlehandedly carving up the dancefloor.

Ben & Hannah's Engagement

We had never met these two up until their engagement photographs, but needless to say they were wonderful. (Their ability to understand sarcasm and dry humour were instant points in their favour).
Looking forward to Ben & Hannah's wedding in Tassie this January!

Tylon Lancaster

We visited some friends last week and a tiny gorgeous little human being that they made all by themselves. He's almost a year old and already huge, clever, smiley and - when he likes me - snuggles like a grizzly.

Mark & Britt - Engaged!

Hands down one of my favourite, most laid-back sessions of all time. With the world's sweetest bride giggling out her nerves and the most solid bearded groom I've met yet, we had a blast despite the sun coming out for barely a second.

Thanks lads and lasses!

Zoe & Vlad - the Body Project

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Film Diary

When I was a weird little teenager, I found my way around a film camera and looooved it. Here's a few snaps from the days when I hid from strangers and took pictures of people behind glass and around corners.

Doug & Candice

I'm so behind with blogging, but here's a few favourites from Doug and Candice's wedding in March! You'd never know how hot it was..

Kate & George

February 27th marks my sisters 18th and this year we were fortunate enough to have Kate & George visit. Such a sweet and fun-loving pair, who were more than happy to allow me to put their fishing experience on hold in order to come and spend some time in the sunset for photos. Thankyou, sweet children xx