A Poor-Man's Guide to Tasmania

After coming home from what was possibly the coldest honeymoon on the planet, I dove straight into weddings that need serious attention, due to very limited time to get them back to my brides. As a result, I have yet to reminisce over our time there, and all I have had to look at is this sad little handful of photos on my laptop that I edited between stops, on car trips and when we got cold enough to stay at B&B's with WiFi.

Tasmania was perfect for us because we're sad, small and poor. The landscapes were unlike anything I've seen in Australia, and it was pretty spectacular for such a budget-friendly place.

So for all you who are yet to see it, here are a few of the pictures taken on parts of our trip that cost nothing. They're not much, and not even very subject-specific, but they're enough to allow me to briefly revist the wonderful world of holidays.