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Powder Gang: Falls Creek Winter '17

Jasmine DunnComment
Powder Gang: Falls Creek Winter '17

THE THING IS, the snow is crazy expensive. We tend to only go once a year (twice, if we're feeling flush on cash). After hire, lift passes and National Park entry, our pockets are starting to feel a bit shallow. So, this year we decided to be like those old Italian grandmothers who are thrifty as all nonsense and save some dollars.


Thrifty trick #1: Pack your own lunch. 

Yes. Brown-paper-bag it. We made sandwiches, cooked soup and brought nuts, fruit and popcorn. The only thing we bought was coffee (because caffiene is non-negotioable.)

Thrifty trick #2: Pre-pay for lift passes.

This is not only a cost-effective line of attack, but also a huuuuge time-saver. The line up for lift-passes on site is miles long, full of large sweaty people in an overheated, claustrophobic room with only two staff, screaming children, impatient fathers (mine, specifically), and about an hours wait.

Pre-buy those tickets. You'll thank me later.

Thrifty trick #3: Take a bud.

Fill that car up. Smoosh as  many little bodies into one vehicle as you can. It's not that hard to find people who want to chuck a sickie to go powder boarding for day, honestly.

Thrifty trick #4: Hire gear off-site.

Snow gear hire is expensive at the best of times, but you'll definately save by hiring before you get to the field. Alternatively, if you can justify it, buy gear. You'll use it year after year, it lasts, and will saves the very real phobia that many people have (myself included) of sharing pants with some other miscreant who has sweated in them before you get a chance to.

Well, that's my wisdom. 2017 was an amazing snow year; the best we've ever seen in our 8+ years of snow sporting. Get onto it, Australia, it's golden out there.

A huge thanks to Riverina Ski Sports, Burton Snowboards and Falls Creek Australia for making our snow season worth having. Links below.