New Zealand Through a Window

Welcome back to notes of coffee snobs, where we look down on others and spend money we don’t have on trips we can’t afford so that we can pretend we’re well-travelled. So here’s New Zealand. Where three layers of clothing is never enough and for whatever reason they use money that doesn’t coincide with our own. (It’s fine, I don’t have to understand everything). Why through a window? Here’s why. I have a significant other who drives while I weale the camera, and here’s how our roadtrips generally pan out:

I ask him to stop so I can take a picture. He drives until he “can stop in a safe and legal manner”. My picturesque scene is gone forever.

My solution is as follows: never stop taking pictures. Even if the car is moving, there’s a coffee in my lap and the windscreen is sprinkled with dirt, bugs and bird excrement.

Okay, you got me. Not all of these were taken through a window. But the point is, this country is serious eye-candy.


Goodnight, friends xo