Thirroul - Where Hippies Go When Woollongong is Uni Student-Central

Easter time is for our weird loud family to go to the beach for three days and pretend to like one another. 
(I'm kidding, of course, they're great.)

Thirroul was somewhere I had never been before. A stones-throw from Wollongong, Thirroul is a sleepy little town with beautiful beaches, headland fishing spots and one particularly sweet fruit shop. 
So, here's a few fun tips:
Paragliding atop a hill, with a clear view of Lawrence Hargrave Drive. (I didn't do this, of course, I'm a pansy, but I watched them for a while.)

Brunch at the Beach Pavilion. And not only brunch, but also breakfast. And lunch.

Last, the fruit shop I couldn't get enough of. Full of nougat, gluten-free muesli and dried fruit. All good things for my belly.