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anniversary sessions

Jasmine DunnComment
anniversary sessions

Love is cool, why not celebrate it every year?

To me, an anniversary is like the cake-topper of any and all love stories. The crux of the biscuit, if you will.

I have shot every stage of relationships. Couples at the beginning, (literally dating a matter of weeks), couples newly engaged, couples just married, and couples a year (or three) after their wedding day.

 There are often notable changes that I can see in their relationship. They have shifted, modified and grown, yet are still undoubtedly dedicated to the experience of the other.

Comfort and familiarity is the thing that becomes very real during these sessions. The newness of the relationship has worn down, in a way, and has been replaced with the consolation that comes with learning to simply exist as a new piece of another person. They’ve seen the weird habits, the minor meltdowns and three weeks without washed hair. They’ve pushed through second-hand furniture, penny-pinching, gluggy pasta dinners and dirty socks that always seem to end up next to the laundry basket rather than in it.

They have begun to build lives around a backbone of commitment that was established the day they were married - maybe even the day they met.

So, while the icky, cutsie, lovey-dove stuff isn’t there (as much) anymore, it is replaced with something bigger - and that is peace. In one another, in their decision and in themselves.


That, to me, is absolutely worth documenting.

If you would like to book an anniversary session for yourself, you can reach me here.