Jasmine DunnComment

Wedding photographers rule all

Jasmine DunnComment
Wedding photographers rule all

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”Annie Leibovitz

A good photographer is the most important aspect of your entire wedding day.

I might be biased. Maybe? Just a little. In saying that, though, if that obnoxiously bold statement (and the even more obnoxious title) isn’t true, then why would I dedicate my study and professional wellbeing to something so useless and unrewarding? Hm? Gotcha.

Yes, every element of a wedding day is important in its own way. And yes, everybody prioritises something different . But when you start your dream wedding mood board - and don’t pretend you haven’t - you are choosing things that need to last for the wedding day only. You’re picking flowers that will be the right colours for the day, a dress that will flatter you on the day, a guest list that won’t make you want to boycott your own wedding by not showing up, etc etc.

When you pick a photographer, you pick the person who will set all of those details in concrete. Not just somebody to make you look delicious at every angle (although that is also important), but somebody who will record and preserve the one and only  thing that you will have after the wedding day is over; after the flowers have passed (R.I.P), and the dress doesn’t fit anymore*.

The photographer themselves you may not particularity remember, but the job that they do should be the product of that exact intention - to spark a memory. They will record things that you won’t even know happened, and those things will become stories on their own.
They will capture things that you put on your wall and into family albums that will be passed down to your grandchildren when they start badgering you about what you looked like when you were in your twenties. You will look at the product that was created by this person decades ago, and you will remember everything all over again.

So yes, everything about a wedding is important. Every detail is important. But a photographer is crucial. Don’t go for the cheapest one, the closest one, even the most convenient one.

Think about the job that this person will have, and pick someone who you trust to see your wedding through a fresh set of eyes, and will preserve it in a way that you will love remembering.

NOW. You may think that because I’ve written this, because I’ve posted it on my website and because I’ve strategically placed a handful of my own wedding photographs around the page that I mean me. I am the photographer you are looking for. Look no further!

Well, no. That’s not what my intention is and that’s not even what I’m trying to say. Maybe I am the right fit for you, and maybe I’m not. If you have a great photographer picked, that’s fantastic, and if your wedding is over, I congratulate you and join you in the huge sigh of relief that goes hand in hand with that.

But know that if you’re looking for a photographer, I’m not trying to con you into sending me an email and booking me on site because I said some nice things and took a nice photo that one time. What I’m trying to say is do your research and take your time. Get to know the photographers you are interested in, lay out your choices and give it some serious thought. Meet them, chat to them, see if they’re a good fit. Maybe I will be that for you, maybe I won’t. Either way, just pick somebody who you trust**. It will make a world of difference.


 *If you don’t go on a wedding diet, your dress will fit for longer, it’s science. Wedding diets are stupid.
**Having somebody you don’t want to shove down a flight of stairs is also a bonus.